• Marshall Snowman Comic
    • Lookback Page 1 Book 1: Lookback
      Next Town Over's first chapter, wherein apparent bounty hunter Vane Black catches up to outlaw John Henry Hunter in small cowtown Lookback, where he’s attempting to win a seemingly significant piece of jewelry off of heiress Veronique Dauterive.
    • Sun Prairie Page 1 Book 2: Sun Prairie
      Next Town Over's second chapter, wherein Ms. Black cartjacks two hapless muleskinners and attempts to blow Mr. Hunter away in aptly-named Sun Prairie, where a miscalculation has unforeseen and unfortunate consequences.
    • Whiskey Bend Page 1 Book 3: Whiskey Bend
      Next Town Over’s third chapter, in which Hunter is in the market for a new horse to outrun dauntless Diamonds, and makes off with a rancher’s outlaw stallion in rocky Whiskey Bend.
    • Baron's Crossing Page 1 Book 4: Baron's Crossing
      Next Town Over’s fourth chapter, in which Hunter tries to find a hot bath in picturesque milltown Baron’s Crossing while Vane devises a devastating new weapon.
    • Wayward Page 1 Book 5: Wayward
      Next Town Over's fifth chapter, in which Hunter briefly convalesces in forgotten, fever-ravaged Wayward, Black's weaponry backfires, and diamonds are not forever.
    • Redridge Express Page 1 Book 6: Redridge Express
      Next Town Over's sixth chapter, wherein separate designs on a train and its freight unite Black and Hunter on the railways.
    • Broken Sky Page 01 Book 7: Broken Sky
      Next Town Over's seventh chapter, in which Black and Hunter make their way to frontier metropolis and geological wonder Broken Sky.
    • Diamondback Ridge Page 01 Book 8: Diamondback Ridge
      Next Town Over's eighth chapter, wherein Hunter's delve into an abandoned gold mine leads him to the affections of a young local and an increasingly vindictive Black brings down a short ton of cruel vengeance on all involved.
    • Via Dolorosa Page 1 Book 9: Via Dolorosa
    • Fort Fairbanks Page 1 Book 10: Fort Fairbanks
    • Snake Page 1 Intermission: Snake
      Dodge and Hemlocke return for a secret stash with disastrous results in this short from the first Nobodies anthology.
    • Genevieve Page 1 Intermission: Genevieve
      While Erin goes on effective maternity leave a bookish but melodramatic novelist tempts the forces of darkness in this goofy, quickdraw interstitial.
    • Watering Hole Page 1 Intermission: Watering Hole
    • The Grinning God Page 1 Poor Wayfaring Strangers: Grinning God
      In this Poor Wayfaring Strangers short, Gustav Carlson tells a strange and gritty tale of cults, torture and justice.
    • The Dodgetown Drowner Page 1 Poor Wayfaring Strangers: Dodgetown Drowner
      In this Poor Wayfaring Strangers short, Robyn Seale spins an unconventional murder yarn starring a washerwoman who [thankfully] can't mind her own business.
    • Golden Son Page 1 Poor Wayfaring Strangers: Golden Son
      In this Poor Wayfaring Strangers short, brotherly rivalry plays out on the battlefield.
    • Guest Comic By Sef Joosten Guest Comics