Wasn’t sure which blog to post this on, exactly, since NTO is the highest-trafficked, but this is mostly HC-relevent so I settled on here: a huge, slobbery thanks to Blaze, who donated a fat sack of cash in the name of the eventual continuation of HC.

Your support is always a huge deal to me, and I’d love nothing better than to throw my arms around your neck and shout “Of course I’ll resume HC! Expect a new page this Friday!” but unfortunately HC’s prettier, more successful big brother NTO, with its evaporating buffer, has my time in a chokehold right now, so I don’t want to make promises I’ll inevitably break. What I can tell you, though, is there is a rough, WIPpish Canto VI script partially finished. I’d love to make a return to the HC in the relatively short-term, and random flickers of fan support tip me ever further in my inclination.

TL;DR: Thanks again, Blaze! I’m sorry your money is, for now, mostly supporting NTO rather than the comic you actually liked!