So the archive had to be totally re-imported to get the navigation working how it was supposed to; this meant we lost all the comments, etc.. But the archive is now eminently cruisable (you’ll notice First/Last in Canto nav buttons, along with what you’d expect).

The site looks right for me in Firefox, IE and Chrome, but my trusty sister tells me it looks completely screwy for her in all these same browsers and proved it with screenshots. I’m not sure if there’s something weird happening with server caching that I don’t understand or what; the site should have white Gill Sans, sickly pinkish link text, and said link text should use small caps. Let me know if it doesn’t, and screenshot it or it didn’t happen.

In other news, I’ve got about 10 hours of work into the anthology. So I’m definitely doing it; I’m just having a hard time finding the time alongside NTO and the holidays. And I still feel gross from that brush with death I never told you about because it was gross.

Oh, also: this will probably not happen at this juncture because of the dissipation of much of the fanbase but if you want to do a piece of fanart or anything and get it to me in the next couple of weeks I’ll stick it in the anthology. I think that’d be cool.