Yes, to answer the somewhat declaratively-posed question: the one that ended with the revelation of Nightwillow’s apparent actual name was page 24 of Canto V, and therefore the end of the chapter. No, not much happened in that chapter. Sorry about that.  If it wasn’t obvious I’m now making this up as I go along.

By extension, yes, last week’s Azzy/Astoroth exchange was something else; something I was able to do in about an hour, which I quite enjoyed. Did you?

I haven’t thought of any good ideas as to how to potentially reinvent Canto VI that are labor-unintensive.  I think it could be a good book: our heroes meet a fourth human soul kicking against the pricks and endeavor to stop a  zealous, crocodile-mounted traffic cop from yet another plane of being. But, you know. Drawing it is kind of feeling like a rep grind again, and since this iteration was pretty much a necromantic exercise I fear another break coming on while I focus the little slice of Hell’s Corners-allotted time into Next Town Over until the proposals are out the door, and by then I will probably have some thoughts on Canto VI. I’m thinking a couple months, this time; not a couple years.

In the interim, I might do something with this Azzy-in-a-banal-copypasta-sitcom thing.

Let me know what you guys are thinking.