You wield guilt like somebody’s mom, Mr. Dayton, sir.  I’m compelled to do this crap forever, now.

No, it’s awesome being subsidized, but seriously: the rest of you need to follow this man’s example.  If it weren’t tacky I’d shame you all into action with figures.

It was never a formally enacted practice that I thank donations with art, but it’s kind of become custom to honor the substantial ones with a cursory scribble.  Going forward, if you’re donating to Hell’s Corners and have something in particular you’d like to see, feel free to strap a note to the greazy, crumpled bills lest you end up like poor JB.

Oh, and FireSight: when the collected Cantos I through IV TPB is finally compiled you are totally getting a free advance copy and I am going to scribble cursorily in that.